Meet Davian, our founder’s youngest descendant.

As the generations continue to pass, our organization is proud to see so many people who know that the S.P.M.D.T.U. is a part of their family’s heritage and story.  For our founder’s family, we would like to share a photo provided by Hermano Don Pacheco.

This photo is of Davian Hernandez, Hermano Don’s great grandson.  Young Davian is a direct descendent of our organization’s founder, Celedonio Mondragon, but you will note that he has two family lines with many S.P.M.D.T.U. members.

Here young Davian’s family lineage:
Clenda Garcia – granddaughter of Celedonio and great grandmother to Davian
Raymond Garcia, Sr. – great grandfather
Ray Garcia, Jr. – grandfather
Clarice Garcia – Davian’s mother and grandaughter of Raymond and Clenda Garcia
Tony Hernandez, father of Davian Hernandez
Diedra Garcia, mother of Clarice Garcia and grandmother to Davian
Donald Pacheco – great grandfather and grandfather to Clarice Garcia
Romaine Pacheco, great grandmother and grandmother to Clarice Garcia

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